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Lane first began learning about construction & development when he was 10 years old from his father, John Yates, who was a construction project manager for large apartment complexes in California. Lane’s first experiences and earnings in his life all started from the ground up. Over the weekend, Lane cleaned up large construction sites while his father completed his weekly construction punch list.


Fast forward, Lane secured his civil engineering degree with a focus in architectural studies, then secured his NC General Contractors license and his NC real estate brokers licenses. Shortly afterward, Lane launched Yates Development LLC, followed by Yates Realty Inc. Both companies are located and operate at 19900 West Catawba, Ave., Cornelius NC.


Over the years, Lane has purchased commercial tracts of raw land and has developed mixed-use developments, restaurants, condos, apartments, banks, and retail stores.  In 2004, Yates Development pursued one of the largest resort developments in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Yates Development has built projects from the ground up, has consulted, and trained others on an array of construction topics, and has taught strategic development procedures. Lane has moved into the training of contractors for Cold Formed Steel Manufacturing, 3D Robotic Construction, and Innovative Development Solutions.

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